Services and activities

Neprofarm uses its knowledge of the industry to give advice on the development and implementation of government measures related to self-care products and health products. To this end Neprofarm keeps close contact with the Ministry of Health, Well-being and Sport (VWS), the Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board (CBG), the Health Care Inspection (IGZ) and the Dutch Food Safety Authority (NVWA). Additionally Neprofarm has regular contact with parliamentarians responsible for ‘health’ within their party. Neprofarm also provides knowledge and experience through our own representation in colleges who advise the Minister of Health, such as the Regular Consultation Commodities Act.


At national and international level Neprofarm is working together with various organisations in the field of medicines, health products and healthcare. The contacts range from consumer groups to the European Community. Neprofarm is an active member of the European Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry of Self-care medicines (AESGP). Additionally Neprofarm is associate member of ECHAMP, the European representative of homeopathic and anthroposophic medicines.

In 2018 the annual AESGP meeting will be in Amsterdam (June 5-7). In this video the board of Neprofarm invites you to attend this meeting.


Neprofarm stimulates dialogue and cooperation between the members and other organizations within the supply chain. The self-regulation in advertising is an important activity. Neprofarm participates in the KOAG/KAG (Inspection Board for the Public Commendation of Medicines and the Inspection Board for the Commendation of Health products) which monitors public advertising of self-care medication and health products with permission of the Ministry of Health. Neprofarm is also actively involved in the Foundation Code Advertising of Medicines for self-regulation in advertising directed at professionals.

Education and advice

An important task of Neprofarm is to educate and advice both the members and the persons and institutions with an interest in self-care. Neprofarm collects and distributes information that may be of interest to members. The individual companies can also turn to Neprofarm for advice and support to Neprofarm, except for commercial advice.

The external education of Neprofarm is aimed at publicizing the possibilities of self-care and self-care medication in general, as well as propagating the views of the association. Therefore, Neprofarm actively contributes to articles about self-care medicines and health products in general public media and in professional journals. Education on self-care and self-care products to consumers Neprofarm provides via the website

Neprofarm provides for new employees of affiliated companies a course ‘Introduction to Self-Care’. This online course covers the major topics on self-care in order to familiarize participants with the self-care industry.